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                                  If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in Water. – Loren Eiseley

Hail, wanderer.

What is the Oracle of Water? I am the oracle and so are you. An oracle is basically defined as a person through whom a deity is believed to speak. Unlike the famous Oracle of Delphi, one does not need to be formally initiated as a High Priestess nor inhale toxic vapors from underground chasms to reach or communicate with the divine, or to speak the truth of the divine that resides in nature and in all of us. For indeed the word oracle comes from the Latin orare – to speak.

Words, like water, have strange power. They can slowly, carefully trickle and form shapes and carve out paths from solid rock. They can surge like a destructive deluge and lay waste to one’s feelings and dreams or very life. What we say, what we speak, has power and can actualize. Many people have forgotten this.

We ourselves consist mostly of water, as does our home and mother, planet Earth. Starhawk says in her book The Earth Path, “Meditating by a lake one day, I heard the water say to me, All water is one – one wholeness, one awareness. All water is continuously aware of all other water in the world.” We humans are likewise connected. We can learn from each other and we can learn from water, that most magical of elements, that vital and life-giving (or life-taking) substance. Many of the earliest deities were those of the oceans, the rivers, the rain – all that sustains our bodies, our crops, our animals, our home. Starhawk continues, “…water knows. Water spirits, water Goddesses and Gods, however we want to name that intelligence that is so different from ours – something knows and feels when we approach with love and respect.”

Water is sacred. Water knows. We are all oracles of water.

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“Circe Invidiosa”, John William Waterhouse

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about the oracle

“A Mermaid”, John William Waterhouse

My name is Aethiriel, I am thirty-one, and I am an Aries with a Cancer moon and Gemini ascending. I am a practicing Pagan witch, homemaker & hearth-keeper, amateur writer and Tarot/oracle reader, and the creator of this site. My handsome Leo husband and I were hand-fasted two days after my birthday in April 2016 and we live by a wooded lake with our new beautiful, magical cat, Naia, who was born that same week!

The goal of The Oracle of Water is to share, teach and explore all things watery and magical – divination, the healing (and devastating) power of water, myths of the sea and water spirits & deities, and use of water in magic and ritual.

Additionally, my goal here is to raise awareness about respect and preservation of water and our oceans. Please use the menu above to visit “Sedna’s Hand”, the Oracle’s shrine to the goddess Sedna and center for news and opportunities about ocean and wildlife conservation.

The creation of this site has been inspired by my own love and fascination of water and all things related, particularly in my personal spiritual and magical practice. I am blessed enough to be part of a small coven of unique and powerful women in my local Pagan community and to share such experiences and insights with them, which also helped to inspire this blog. I am also a member of the international Fellowship of Isis, which is free to join and celebrates the Divine Feminine of all cultures and spiritual paths.

Another goal is to develop a unique divination system based on water in some way or another, inspired by ideas and experiences chronicled here and, hopefully, suggestions and insights from you! I also hope, once it’s made, to make it available here, potentially along with other related products.

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“The Danaides”, John William Waterhouse


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